Up to date 2022

Keynote lectures: Climate impact of pig production. Chair: Jens Peter Nielsen

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Session 1: Viral infections of pigs. Chair: Henrik Elvang Jensen

Session 2: Pig production and health. Chair: Anni Øyan Pedersen

Session 3: Reduction of antimicrobial usage and post weaning diarrhoea. Chair: Miki Boysen

  • Esben Østergaard, PhD student, IVH; New methods for easy and reliable assessment of the prevalence of post-weaning diarrhoea
  • Christina Larsen, PhD student, IVH; Faecal transplants in weaning and neonatal pigs 
  • Rene Liang Shen, Post doc, IVH; Consequences of early postnatal antibiotics after preterm birth: Pigs as models for infants
  • Anne-Sofie Glavind, PhD student, IVH; Danish pig herds assigned a Yellow Card: a descriptive register-based study
  • Malene Kjelin Morsing, PhD student, IVH - Neomycin treatment of ETEC-related post-weaning diarrhoea