Danish pig production is highly important for Denmark. Pig exports amounted to about DKK 30bn in 2011, thus accounting for about 2/3 of revenues from animal exports. Even though Danish pig production is efficient, there is major competition in the global market where in many places, labour costs are significantly lower than in Denmark

Therefore research into production and productivity, animal health, welfare, food safety, product quality and sustainability in pig production lie at the heart of CPH Pig. Research ranges from national healthcare programmes via herd-oriented research focusing on practical herd advisory services to basic scientific population and molecular methods. Research is most often done in collaboration with other Danish and foreign universities, industry and the regulatory authorities.

The Center for Research in Pig Production and Health enhances, consolidates and raises the profile of pig production research at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen and serves as the platform for greater efforts in national and international research, innovation, regulatory services and training and education and closer collaboration with industry, GTS – Advanced Technology Group, authorities and universities.

The unique aspect of our competencies at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences is that we have brought together researchers with backgrounds and skills in the animal and veterinary sciences. This combination of research skills gives us an especially strong position for addressing the challenges of Danish pig production, with research into such issues as animal health, animal welfare, cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

We intend our unique competencies to serve as the platform for greater efforts in research and education and closer collaboration with national and international industry, GTS institutes, authorities and universities. CPH Pig will also contribute to strengthening the pig production sector in the BSc and MSc programmes on veterinary medicine and animal science.