The Center for research in pig production and health enhances, consolidates and raises the profile of pig production research at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen. CPH Pig serves as the platform for greater efforts in national and international research, innovation, regulatory services, training and education. CPH Pig also ensure closer collaboration with industry, GTS – Advanced Technology Group, authorities and universities.

The unique aspect of our competencies at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences is that we have brought together researchers with backgrounds and skills in the animal and veterinary sciences. This combination of research skills gives us an especially strong position for addressing the challenges of Danish pig production, with research into such issues as animal health, animal welfare, cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

We intend our unique competencies to serve as the platform for greater efforts in research and education and closer collaboration with national and international industry, GTS institutes, authorities and universities. CPH Pig will also contribute to strengthening the pig production sector in the BSc and MSc programmes on veterinary medicine and animal science.


CPH Pig is an amalgamation of the two veterinary departments at the Faculty of Health and Medical Science, University of Copenhagen:

  • Department of Veterinary Clinical Science
  • Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences

For administrative purposes, the centre is anchored in the Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences. It is headed by Jens Peter Nielsen, professor at the Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences.

Advisory Committee

The centre is also organized with an Advisory Committee with personnel from the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences and the Pig Research Centre, which is part of Danish Agriculture & Food Council. The Advisory Committee consists of managerial level personnel with extensive professional knowledge of the field. The Advisory Committee meets the director once or twice a year to advise on the centre’s activities.

Technical Steering Committee

The centre’s specific activities are constantly being developed by a Technical Steering Committee (TSC) consisting of 1-2 academic representatives from each of the participating departments. The director and the TSC are responsible for the academic management of the centre and for implementing activities within the predetermined budget.

Sponsor agreement

A sponsor agreement has been made between the Department of large Animal Sciences, Højbakkegaard Allé 5, 2630 Taastrup and the Pig Research Centre, (Videncenter for Svineproduktion ), Danish Agriculture & Food Council, Axelborg, Axeltorv 3, 1609 Copenhagen V. Background. 

The Department of large Animal Sciences wishes to broaden the scientific collaboration and strengthen the economic foundation for the research within the CPH-Pig.

The Pig Research Centre, (Videncenter for Svineproduktion ), wishes through this sponsorship to broaden its visibility and broaden the scientific collaboration in relation to CPH-Pig. View the sponsor agreement in detail.