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06 February 2018

Great turnout for the 2018 up-to-date seminar

CPH Pig has now held their fifth and very successful seminar. Around 160 participants joined the seminar on January 30th at Frederiksberg Campus.

Thank you to our participants for contributing so much to the success. The day started with a lecture on "African Swine Fever: Is Denmark prepared for the risk of introduction?" by Stig Mellergaard from Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. And the day continued with more very informative research presentations within four main themes: 

  • “Pigs raised without knifes and scissors”,
  • “Reduction of zinc and antibiotics”,
  • “Maximizing productivity by nutrition and management” and
  • “Health and disease”.

The presenters came around a diverse range of disciplines impacting on pig production particularly on increased productivity, feed efficiency, health and disease and reduction in antibiotic usage.

Thank you to presenters for sharing their research, ideas and expertise.

Watch the presentations and some videoclips.

We hope to see you at next year’s seminar. Keep updated here on the CPH Pig website.